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Global Speaker and Educator

Delisha E. is an unapologetic woman of faith. Her voice has been heard globally in spite of cultural, gender, and socio-economic boundaries. Through her bestselling books, speaking engagements, and social media presence, she has inspired many to find their purpose and to flourish in it. Delisha has an exceptional way of reaching people where they are and taking them to where God has destined them. She has been given the title, “Purpose Pusher”.


As an Educator, Delisha has a special compassion for this generation and that they have access to the resources needed to find, finance, and flourish in their purposes. In 2020, Delisha launched, DLE Unlimited, LLC, which is an organization designed to give practical steps for individuals to become the best version of themselves. Delisha doesn’t just speak about making an impact, but she is an impact in her local community by being a youth leader at her local church and serving the less fortunate of her community.


When she is not serving locally, Delisha can literally be found anywhere in the world giving in word and deed. Delisha is a licensed and ordained minister who has ministered in Mexico, Guatemala, France, England, and the Philippines, amongst others.


In 2016, Delisha became an Amazon Bestselling author. She has since written two more, soon-to-be bestseller, books; Purpose in the Process: Journey to Destiny and Letters from the Heart. Delisha has an undergraduate degree in Special Education and TESL and a master’s degree in Psychology. Her educational background has given her the know how to best serve various individuals that receive her coaching or attend her trainings.



Delisha E.—“Are you prepared for what you want to see happen in your life?”

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